How to become a successful salesperson? How to be the top performer in sales? How to outsell others? How to outperform others? These are the most frequently asked questions in sales. The question often being forgotten is “What makes the top performer outsell you?”
Have you ever wondered what makes top performers, top performers?
Even when this question is being asked, I’m sure that the poor and average performers have found their own answers to this question.
The answers must be one, few or ALL of these from this list below,
It is because the top salesperson
  1. Is good looking 
  2. Is favored by the boss
  3.  Is experienced 
  4. Gets to work in a better territory/location/branch 
  5. Has better connections
  6. Is Lucky 
  7. Is Unethical 
  8. Gets some kind of special privilege
There are similarities in all top sales performers. It is that top salespeople are never complainers. They do whatever it takes to get the results.  
On the other hand, there are also similarities in all poor and average performers. The similarities between poor and average performers are that they are mostly complainers. They don’t reflect upon themselves. What they do is, however, blame everything and everyone else apart from themselves. They also find excuses for themselves. They don’t do whatever it takes to get the results, they do just enough. And they are negative people. 
I hope you are not one of them because if you ending up reading this, it means that you’re trying to improve yourself. Don’t ever give these excuses to yourself. 
If you have ever had such thoughts (it’s normal because I do too and most people do too) about the top salesperson, just think again. 
Can you change, control or influence any of these?
  1. The top sales person sells better because he/she is good looking 
Unless you intend to go for plastic surgery, you can’t change this. Work harder. 
  1. The boss favors the top salesperson. 
Life is unfair like that. Everywhere you go, it works the same way. You can’t change this. You can only accept it and work even harder so that the boss will favor you. Most bosses favor top salespeople. 
  1. The top salesperson works in a better territory/location/branch 
Are you 100% sure that if you’re given the exact same territory/location/branch, you will be able to produce the same results as him/her? If not, stop blaming the location. Just work harder. 
  1. The top salesperson already has sales experience. 
Experience is not always an advantage. It can only be an advantage if you know exactly how to use the experience to your advantage. Most salespeople with experience think they know it all. Everybody has to start somewhere in order to gain experience. Go out there and gain your experience, learn from the experienced if they are willing to teach. Watch how they do it. 
  1. The top salesperson has better connections. 
Why don’t you have even better connections then? Why does he/she have better connections than you? Is it that he/she is more likable than you are? Then you better make yourself more likable so as to get even better connections. 
  1. The top salesperson is always so lucky!


Haven’t you heard that the harder you work, the luckier you get? The more people you talk to, the higher the chances of closing. It is as simple as that. If you disagree, then perhaps the top salesperson prayed to God more frequently than you. You can also choose to pray even more often than him/her. 
  1. The top salesperson uses unethical methods. 
You should continue selling using ethical methods because he/she will get caught sooner or later. Salespeople who excel in sales using unethical methods will never last. What you can do is to outlast these people in these jobs and eventually customers will come to the ethical salespeople. 
  1. The top salesperson has some kind of special privilege. 
Can you get that privilege? If you can, go get it! If not, accept that life IS unfair, move on and work harder. 
Wasting much of your time having such thoughts, blaming everything else but yourself is the exact reason why others outsell you. Top performers waste no time in entertaining negative thoughts about things they cannot change. Top performers, instead, spend time on the things they can change- which is how they can choose to control their negative thoughts. 
Accept everything that is unfair because life is really unfair as such. No matter how much you complain about it, you can’t change it. You can only change yourself and force yourself to work harder, against all odds. Once you know that you don’t get things the easy way, the best next alternative is to make up for all these unfairness by putting in even more effort. If the top salesperson puts in 8 hours to get the top results, you should try putting in 12 hours. No matter how far behind you are, as long as you are willing to work hard, you will definitely be able to catch up. 
Once you can get rid of all these negative thoughts, you will definitely be on your way to become a successful salesperson. Having a winning mindset and a positive attitude are the most important traits of a successful salesperson. Every successful salesperson definitely has a winning mindset and a positive attitude. Stop complaining today.