People only do business or buy from people they like, given a choice. And trust me, you as a salesperson, in whatever industry, are only one of the many choices that people can choose to buy or not to buy from you.

I’m sorry I might be generalizing but to me, salespeople are widely represented by those who we are exposed to daily. The insurance agents we see at every corner, credit card agents, and whatever other kinds of agents or sales executives I come in contact with. These salespeople are really getting on my nerves because they are just not doing their job well. And this is why I would never ever buy from them.

1. They are always on the phone/laptop/tablet

I mean like, if you’re at the roadshow, aren’t you supposed to be approaching, doing sales and not doing paperwork? I’m quite sure there is another time and place to do your paperwork. 

2. They stand around like supermodels waiting to be picked up

If the product sells without you, then why engage you in the first place?

3. They group together and talk

Even if your product sells, and even if I really wanna sign up, would I dare to interrupt a gathering?

4. They eat at the booth where their colleagues are busy presenting or trying to close the customer

Didn’t anyone teach them about booth ethics at all? If I’m the customer, I might be hungry and distracted by the smell of food and even rush off to have my lunch or dinner. Please show some respect to both your colleague and the customer.

5. They depend on “Pullers” or Telemarketers

Salespeople, I strongly believe, should get their own customers and leads. This builds a strong contact, relationship with the customer. Pullers are dodgy. I hate pullers. And I will never ever be pulled. And how long can these tactics last? “Pullers” are paid such high salaries while the agent sits with their legs wide open, waiting for the puller to “con” the customer to the booth for you to present?

Have some respect for your own brand, for your customers, and for your product. You guys give your own product a bad name.

Telemarketers are just like pullers. They call you, go on and on and on and on and on for 3 minutes then breathe without caring if its a good time to speak to me at all. Just be real and genuine. Why don’t they just talk to people like they genuinely care?

6. They don’t listen 

To be honest, I wonder how many times they actually made a presentation in an entire day. And when they actually really “present”, they simply shoot everything they want to say and “close”.

But what about what the customer actually has to say? Do they even ask any questions, apart from asking the questions to qualify the customer so that their presentation won’t go to waste? They don’t. 

7. They are overly friendly

Stop trying so hard. Just be normal. I might have needs for the product too. But the more you try, the more you push all my needs away.

8. They can’t take rejections. 

Every rejection is like the end of the world. Like, “there tell you liao, cannot close one.” or “Aiya, the person NQ la then act like don’t want.” They will then group together and spread negatives. 

9. They don’t know when enough is enough

Yes, you should be persistent as a salesperson. There is a very fine line between being persistent and hard-selling. Too many people don’t know the line. Hard-selling is like someone forcing open your mouth to eat a cockroach. (Yes, it is that distasteful)

Are you one of these salespeople? I hope not. Because I ain’t buying from you at all.